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The Phixr Bookmarklet
This tool can easely transfer any photo on the web(*) to Phixr. It is called "bookmarklet" because the tool resides in your browser's bookmarks/favorites. While viewing a site with images, click on the Phixr bookmarklet, choose an image ... and you are done. The chosen image will be uploaded to Phixr.

You are viewing a site.
Activate the tool.
Select an image.
Edit the image in Phixr.

* Limitations: Some websites block the bookmarklet through their Content Security Policy. Websites using frames are not supported.


The tool is to be installed into your browser's Bookmarks/Favorites menu.

Chrome/Safari: Drag the below link over the bookmarks bar and drop it there.

Firefox: To install the tool, either right-click on the link below and select "Bookmark this link", or drag the below link over the "Bookmarks" menu and drop it there.

Internet Explorer: Right-click and select "Add to Favorites". You can ignore the warning about a possibly unsafe link.

Phixr Bookmarklet

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