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... what is it?
Phixr is a free online photo editor - a complete imaging solution that works within your web browser.
... what's it good for?

Let's pretend you are on vacation. How's that for a start.

Now, let's also assume that you are at some internet cafe in a country far from home and want to email the photos you've just taken with your digital camera or mobile phone to your friends and family at home to share the experience.

There is only one problem. Your supersweet travel companion has some ugly red eyes on your photos and looks more like the devil than anything. Also, these frickin' photo files are huge, apart from their desperate need for some color adjustments. .... Too bad... the computer you finally conquered at that internet cafe doesn't have any image editor installed.

That's just one situation where Phixr comes handy! Another typical case are computers in schools or companies where users are not able or not permitted to install any software.

With Phixr you can edit your photos in every possible way and directly e-mail them to your friends, or upload them to your account at the following third-party websites:
Facebook flickr Livejournal Photobucket
Picasa Web Albums SmugMug Twitter ... and more!

Let's dive into it... (Tutorials for some of Phixr's features can be found on our blog.)

... in three simple steps...
1. Upload a photo to Phixr
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2. Edit your photo.
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3. Save your photo.
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... more information
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  • Support forums: These are here.

  • Our blog is here.
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